5 Reasons Why Gingham is A Perfect Go-To Print

5 Reasons Why Gingham is A Perfect Go-To Print

Hello, Gorgeous! I am Julianna, the creator of the style blog Blush & Camo where women (or Blush Babes as I lovingly call my readers!) go to enhance their everyday style! Think of Blush & Camo as your own personal stylist :).

I am SO happy to be the style contributor for The Lovely Girl and it’s awesome you stopped by today because I’m sharing 5 reasons why gingham is your go-to print to perfectly transition from summer to fall. Some prints are seasonal (think pineapples, boats, bright floral, etc…) and are hard to style. Not gingham!

Creating transitional looks from summer to fall can be tricky (to downright annoying!), but when you’ve got a print that can be styled SO many different ways, it makes creating a transitional outfit fun!

Let’s get styling!

Why Gingham is a perfect go-to print Why Gingham is a perfect go-to print


Gingham is a print that is appropriate for any occasion. Parties, date nights, work, or weekend wear are just a few of the occasions gingham will look amazing for!

The reason why gingham is great for any occasion is because the print is the perfect touch to break an outfit up and draw the eye to different areas of your look! This print is chic without being to loud or busy!

The key to wearing gingham for any occasion is all about your accessories. Pile on the jewelry and a bold lip for a night out or simply wear your hair in a topknot and sunnies for weekend wear!


Since gingham is a year round print the material gingham is made of is typically a cotton or lighter fabric. This means this print is perfect for layering! Think faux fur vests, military jackets, or bomber coats- #heckyes!

The reason why this print is amazing to layer with is because the fabric is thin enough to be layered without making your outfit appear overdone or too heavy (never a good look!).

So, if you’re ever wanting to create a look that involves layers be sure to incorporate your favorite gingham piece as the perfect addition to your outfit!

Why Gingham is a perfect go-to print Why Gingham is a perfect go-to print


One of my favorite qualities of the gingham print is the ability for this pattern to mix and match with other prints!

As stated above, since gingham isn’t a busy print it looks amazing paired with leopard, floral, plaid, and even stripes! A chic combination that is perfect for a fall transitional look is pairing your gingham print with cheetah and adding a pop of color!


Gingham print understands every Lovely Girl has her own sense of personal style ;). That’s why gingham comes in every possible color and silhouette you can possibly imagine! (Ok, so maybe that’s not why there are so many gingham print colors, but you totally get where I am going with this!).

If you think that gingham print isn’t for you try looking for this print in a hue that is quintessentially you! This may change your mind about the print that makes creating transitional outfits fun (and easy!).

Why Gingham is a perfect go-to print Why Gingham is a perfect go-to print


Gingham is such a popular print and for amazing reasons- like the ones stated above. Since this is such a popular print you can find gingham at a prince point that is within your budget!

Stores from Forever 21 to Old Navy to Banana Republic all have gingham print pieces just waiting to be styled going into the fall season! Which piece will you choose?!

What did you think of today’s style tips and post?! I would love to talk with you in the comments below!

Thank you SO much to Courtney Bond Photography for the photos!

xx Julianna

Why Gingham is a perfect go-to print

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