BTS: SC Hits 500 and the Champs is Flowing

BTS: SC Hits 500 and the Champs is Flowing

Time flies when you’re having fun, right?! I can’t believe that another month has come and gone. I’m kind of excited about this month’s check-in so I can share what’s going on with SC and myself. A little BTS: SC hits 500 and the champs is flowing!

SC Happenings

Wow.. so what a month! Literally as I am writing this, we hit 500 members today. I am beyond grateful for my journey to be able to lead such an amazing group of smart, driven #GIRLBOSS women. A lot of the projects/initiatives that I talked about last month will be wrapping up this month. I’ll be emailing everyone this week about it, but figured I’d share here also hehe. What are you most looking forward to from the list below?

  • New Dashboard Layout: The new member dashboard is going to be AH-MAZING. I am hoping that this can launch in tandem with our virtual celebration of reaching 500 members!
  • #SCSisterLove Campaign: SO EXCITED FOR THIS! Starting Nov 15 we are going to have a MONTH LONG celebration for SC sisters. A big contest with $1,500 worth of prizes, lots of virtual love for each other and celebrating other women. Also been working on a top secret project that you ladies are going to die over. I’ll give you a small hint: I’ve been utilizing my product development skills! I am so so excited to share what it is next week! EEK!!!
  • Branding: I am not a graphic designer, but I know what I like and I am good at editing. I am really excited to introduce you all to Sonja next week on the SC blog. She has been AMAZING to work with and has taken everything #NEXTLEVEL. We’re also working on revamping all of the e-course and guides. It’s been a lot. task management for teams. but everything needed an overhaul.
  • Media Kit: I am a psycho perfectionist, so the media kit project that should have been done already… went through about 50 rounds of design changes before I was happy with it. Now onto the development phase of the project. I’m hoping to have this done by the end of 4th quarter. It’s one of those things that I thought could happen really quickly… but it’s a little more complicated!
Super obsessed with the new email header!

Super obsessed with our new email header!


Had a little meetup with SC Boston over the weekend to take some pics together for the upcoming #SCSisterLove campaign. Afterwards, we were treated to champagne and bar bites in the Envoy’s private dining room. They treated us like queens and it was amazing getting to know new friends! Also got to meet Parissa who illustrated the logo of the SC girls. Excited to meet with even more Boston area girls in December! ? Meetups are an amazing way to get involved with your local SC community!

Need a way to break the ice when meeting for the first time? Pop a bottle of champagne and turn on a fun playlist to help calm some nerves! I created THIS fun & girly Spotify playlist for Saturday’s #SCmeetup.

Boston SC Meetup


You guys know that I am really, really into fitness. Courtney is my internet bestie and I am so so grateful for her training and friendship. I told her that my goal is to do a pullup by Christmas. She gave me a gnarly workout plan to make it happen. Loving it. Wish me luck, ha! But I have been busting my butt in the gym 6 days a week. Getting old really sucks because my metabolism is NOT what it used to be. Anyone else feeling this?!

Looking Forward To

Thanksgiving! Mike and I are staying home in NH and relaxing together instead of making the trip home to New York and New Jersey. We’re going to make a nice little dinner, put up Christmas decorations and I’m going to work on the pitching e-course for SC that I’ve been kind-of/sort-of working on since May. I’ve been struggling to get this completed with all of the new blog content that I’ve been publishing daily, but it’s my last big project that I really want to get off my plate. What are your plans for Thanksgiving??

Also excited about some upcoming travel. Booked a little trip to Marina Del Rey for March! Excited to be back on the west coast and can’t wait to meet some of my LA SC babes!! I’m also planning a little trip for my birthday in May. ? Really happy to be doing some travel again since we haven’t gone anywhere outside the US since 2009.

Thinking About

Re-branding my blog name AGAIN. Such is life. We’re always evolving, changing and growing, right?! I think that as my blog has become more of a personal space to connect with my SC girls, so I want to change it to my name. I bought the domain over the weekend… so now I just need to move it all over and have Sonja help me with a logo! Anyone else re-branding?

So what’s new with you all? What are you looking forward to during the month of November? I love hearing your plans! xo Annie

Boston Envoy

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