4 Reasons You Need to Upgrade to a Dagne Dover Tote

Have you ever struggled to find your keys in the bottomless pit of your handbag? Or do your friends call you the “bag lady” because you need a bag for your laptop, a bag for your personal items and a bag for everything else? #thestruggleisreal.

Well good news, because I have found the PERFECT tote for every hard working #girlboss out there:

  • Mom On-The-Go
  • City Girl
  • Frequent Flier
  • 7AM-10PM Lifestyle
  • Busy Student

Dagne Dover Tote: neutrals to go with every outfit

The 13” Tote by Dagne Dover is the PERFECT handbag and here’s why:

1. Utilitarian and clever

There are SO MANY clever compartments in this Dagne Dover Tote. You know you have a million things that end up in a big mess at the bottom of your bag. There are compartments for all the essential little things, such as: lipstick, pens, your phone, more makeup, hand sanitizer, a grocery bag, vitamins, stevia, hair ties, snacks, phone charger, metro card, business cards, floss and a tide pen to name just a few.

The detachable keystrap is GENIUS. I can’t even tell you how many times I have dug through my bag to try and find my keys. They always manage to find their way into the weirdest nook that takes me 5 minutes to dig out. With the keystrap, you simply grab the strap and out come your keys! #lifechanging

Other functional things I love about this Dagne Dover Tote:

  • 9” handles that fold down for stowing away on the bus or plane
  • Handles that also stand up for grab and go when you’re running out the door
  • Water bottle/umbrella/sunglasses/eyeglasses/everything holder (which is detachable)
  • Oversized zipper to keep your bag CLOSED #YES to all your stuff not dumping all over the sidewalk when you bend over
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – your shoulder won’t be killing you! This weighs less than the Tory Burch hobo that I’ve been using for the last 6 years. I went shopping with this tote this past weekend and it was amazingly light weight!

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Dagne Dover Tote: the perfect tote to fit all your stuff

2. Basically, your entire office can fit in this bag

I love that there are pockets specifically for my 13” laptop, iPad, and iPhone. There is also a 15” version of the bag if you have a 15” laptop. All I need is my laptop and I can work from anywhere, so this bag is perfect for packing up my office and working remotely. This Dagne Dover Tote is great for students, city girls, frequent fliers and girl bosses who need to pack up their office and work wherever, whenever. I feel like we women today need this kind of flexibility, am I right??

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The Dagne Dover Tote fits so much stuff

3. Feminine aesthetics

Okay, call me vain, but aesthetic is REALLY important to me. This Dagne Dover Tote has got it going on and here is what gets me about this bag:

  • Slim shape AKA not bulky; dimensions are 14” L x 5.5” W x 11” H
  • Gorgeous embossed leather
  • Elegant 14k gold-plated hardware
  • Oversized zipper in chic brushed metal

Upgrade your bag with a Dagne Dover Tote

4. Options

Dagne Dover has a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. They have an adorable mini-tote, 13” and 15” totes, and a taller tote if your style is more boho-chic. Click the image below to shop any of these options!

Dagne Dover Tote Bag Options

Let’s chat! What do you think of this Dagne Dover Tote? Which tote fits your lifestyle? What is the #1 thing you look for when buying a new tote? If you loved this post, please share on Facebook or pin some of these photos to Pinterest.

xo Annie

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+Thank you Dagne Dover for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Dagne Dover Tote for city girls on the go