Bermuda: Breathtaking Things to Do on Your Vacation

Hey guys – so I took a hiatus from the blog so that I could focus on some bigger, life-changing goals earlier this year. I hosted my FIRST conference in April in my new hometown of Raleigh, NC. Now that I’ve had some time to recover, I am bringing the blog back. I love having this space to share travel, home décor, and general life stuff with friends, family, and internet friends. This blog is for life’s extra’s that bring me happiness and allow me to live my “best life” as a woman, wife, and small business owner. I will try to keep this updated weekly or bi-weekly. Make sure that you sign up for the newsletter in the sidebar so that you don’t miss a post when it goes live!

St George Bermuda Cottages

Anyway – onto today’s post! Many of you saw on Facebook and Instagram that I was in Bermuda for my birthday week earlier in May. Bermuda holds such a special place in my heart for many reasons: it was my Mom’s favorite place in the world to visit and she had been FIFTEEN times before she passed away in 2002. I’ve been four times already, and when I was nine, we lived there for an entire month. I have so many memories and special mementos from Bermuda, so it’s an island that I intend to visit regularly in the future.

Fairmont Southampton Bermuda

Today I am sharing some fun facts, what we did in Bermuda, and other fun things to check out. We stayed at the Fairmont Southampton, which was SO WORTH IT. Why? Because when I am on vacation, I don’t want to lift a finger. It’s popular to rent a cottage, moped, and cook your own food (since eating out is more expensive than NYC), but if I am taking time off, I don’t want to worry about these things. This is me, so do what works for you!


Fun Facts:

  • Bermuda is the 2nd most isolated country in the world!
  • The average home price is 2.5 million dollars, but the average salary is also $100K.
  • It’s the most expensive place to live in the world because almost everything is imported. To put this in perspective, gas is $10/gallon.
  • The people who live here are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met! Their unique accent is a mix of British, Portuguese, Caribbean and American.
  • The beaches have pink sand because of the pink coral reefs all around the island that break off and wash up onto the shore.
  • This same coral reef also protects the island from hurricanes!
  • Bermuda is only a 2-hour flight from NY.
  • The island is only 21 square miles. It’s also home to the smallest drawbridge in the world!

Fairmont Southampton Bermuda


Day 1 – check-in & explore around the hotel

Check into Fairmont Southampton

Grab a bite to eat at Jasmine Cocktail Bar & Lounge (located on the resort)

Take shuttle down to private beach area (also, a good option is the Ocean Club for dinner)

Walk around the golf course and resort

Visit Gibb’s Light House

Grab a bite to eat before bed


Spittal Pond Reserver Bermuda Things to do

Day 2 – Explore Hamilton & Spittal Pond Nature Reserve

7am: Gym

9am: Breakfast at Fairmont Southampton

10am-12pm: Bermuda Railway Trail National Park

12pm: Lunch at healthy salad place, good options include:

  • Café 4 (Hamilton, open 7:30am-5pm)
  • Café Eden (Hamilton, open 8am-2:30pm)
  • Juice and Beans Café (open 7am-6pm)

1-3pm: Hamilton to check out all of the shops, grab a coffee if you want, too!

3-5pm: Spittal Pond Reserve to explore the coast

7pm: Dinner at Fairmont Southampton


Fairmont Southampton Bermuda Private BeachRestless Native Bermuda Boat Tour Fairmont Southampton Bermuda

Day 3 – Beach, Snorkeling, and Hamilton

7am: Gym

9am: Breakfast at Fairmont Southampton

10-12: Horseshoe Bay Beach / Private Beach (more here on Bermuda’s top beaches)

12: Lunch at Fairmont Southampton

1:30-4:30: Snorkeling at the Royal Dockyard

7pm: Dinner at Marcus’ in Hamilton

8pm: Harbour Nights in Hamilton


Crystal Caves BermudaSt George Bermuda Things To Do St George Unfinished Church Bermuda

Day 4 –Crystal Caves & St. George’s

7am: Gym

9am: Breakfast at Fairmont Southampton

10-12pm: Crystal Caves, Blue Water Hole, Swizzle Inn

1pm: Lunch – Hibiscus Restaurant in Grotto Bay Beach Resort

1-5pm: Explore St George: Unfinished Church, Shops, King’s Square, & have a cocktail at Wahoo’s

5-7pm: Took a ferry from St. George to Dockyard and then Dockyard to Hamilton

7pm: Dinner at Barracuda Bar & Grill in Hamilton (favorite dinner of the trip!)


Fairmont Southampton Bermuda

Day 5 – Final Day

7am: Gym

9am: Breakfast at Fairmont Southampton

10am-12pm: lounge at the hotel

Leave the hotel after lunch

Blue Water Hole Bermuda

Other points of interest:

  • Cooper’s Island – rent a boat & go to all the islands (this was recommended to us by a local).
  • Go to Warwick beach & walk down to Horseshoe Bay
  • Somerset Bridge (the world’s smallest drawbridge!)
  • Sunset at Daniels Head Park
  • Live music in downtown Hamilton at night time (check out The Pickled Onion)
  • Sunset Sailing Cruise in Hamilton
  • The aquarium is great if you have kids!

So I’d love to know?

Is Bermuda somewhere that you’ve traveled or that you plan on traveling to? I hope that I get to go back again for my birthday next May to share more of this beautiful island with you!

Bermuda Things to Do