Homes for Our Troops x Wayfair Design Project

Boho Contemporary Furniture and Decor on a Budget

Hi friends! I recently did a poll on my Instagram asking what you wanted to see next on my blog and about 75% of you said that you wanted to see the sourcing list for a staging project that I did for a realtor down here in Raleigh! I purchased these items on behalf of her so she could use them to stage properties before MLS photos were taken. She keeps the items in storage and pulls them out for properties as needed. You can also rent furniture, but buying and using pieces over and over ends up being more cost effective in the long-run.

Easy and Affordable Gallery Wall for Large Blank Walls

Today I wanted to share an affordable and chic gallery wall for any large blank walls that you have in your home. I am pretty minimal when it comes to wall décor, so this wall in our living room was blank for the first year that we lived in our home. But after a while, it started to feel too empty and it didn’t look like a home. So, I went on Pinterest to get some ideas for art, photos, and mirror placement. Our living room has more of a modern/contemporary feel, and I wanted to tie the wall décor to the black marble table that we have in the room. When I saw this photo from Restoration Hardware, I knew that I needed to recreate this wall gallery for our living room!

Cute and Simple Pantry Update

Hi friends! Things have been busy between both of my businesses, which makes me so happy and fulfilled to be able to help other people in so many different ways from social media education to creating someone’s dream home. We moved into our home a year and a half ago and I’m still dreaming up fun and unique ways to add some flair to different spaces. One of those is our pantry off the kitchen – it’s a decent sized closet with built-in shelving. I am so grateful to have a pantry next to our kitchen in this house because in our previous home, our make-shift pantry was in our finished basement. Our pantry revamp was an idea that I came up with on a whim by combining my love of wallpaper, bright watercolors, and floral shaped flush mounts.

Wallpaper Ideas to Elevate Your Home and Decor

Hi friends!! I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but wallpaper is back in a huge way. Today’s wallpaper is so fresh looking and doesn’t even compare to stereotypical 1980’s wallpaper that makes us all cringe. I am loving the wallpaper trend, whether it’s peel and stick or traditional glue, and wanted to share a few ideas that I’ve done for clients and in our home!

How to Paint Furniture: Antique Vanity Makeover

Hi friends! I recently refinished and painted my Mom’s antique vanity with my husband – and when I was sharing some BTS on Instagram, I asked if I should share a blog post on the process. Well, that poll got a 100% yes vote – so here we are! This was my first time refinishing and painting furniture, but growing up, we inherited a lot of old furniture from relatives that we repainted. Ok, mostly my Dad repainted, but my sister and I helped sometimes! When searching around for a tutorial, I found this guide and used it as a starting point for painting my old vanity.