Boho Contemporary Furniture and Decor on a Budget

Hi friends! I recently did a poll on my Instagram asking what you wanted to see next on my blog and about 75% of you said that you wanted to see the sourcing list for a staging project that I did for a realtor down here in Raleigh! I purchased these items on behalf of her so she could use them to stage properties before MLS photos were taken. She keeps the items in storage and pulls them out for properties as needed. You can also rent furniture, but buying and using pieces over and over ends up being more cost effective in the long-run.

My client Emilee’s style for her properties is boho/contemporary, which is a huge departure from my personal style so it was really fun to find these items and put together this staging set for her. She was awesome to work with – and meeting new people is one of the reasons why I love interior design.

The Inspiration

These were the images that Emilee had sent to me. I used these as inspiration to recreate a similar look by finding items from Wayfair, Target, Amazon, and HomeGoods. I’ll be linking all items that I purchased online, so if it isn’t linked, then that means I purchased it at HomeGoods or it isn’t available any longer on Target.

The Foyer

Round Mirror – this is one of my favorite pieces that I also have in my home
Abstract Canvas Prints
Everything Else: HomeGoods, Target, or Emilee’s personal furniture and decor

The Bedroom

Side Table
Throw blanket
Everything Else: HomeGoods or Target

Please let me know what you think about this project and if you’d like for me to continue to share my sourcing list for future projects, both for clients and in my home. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!