Clothing Rental: The Ms. Collection Review

In all honesty, I hate spending my hard earned money on clothing and I don’t love that consumerism is a huge part of fashion blogging. This is one of the reasons why I haven’t done a fashion post in almost four months. I’d much rather put my hard earned money towards my dream home, travel, or a car that I really love, which is why I’ve been experimenting with renting my clothing. Could this be the end-all be-all solution for the girl who loves fashion, but hates spending money on new clothing every single month just to keep up with the trends? Keep reading to find out!


I have a Rent the Runway subscription so that I can rent designer dresses for industry events, and I’ve LOVED that subscription. But what about for everyday wear at a more affordable price point? It doesn’t make sense to spend $139/month for casual or work clothing; this is where The Ms. Collection comes in.

The Ms. Collection is a personal style subscription service. For either $49/mo or $59/mo, you will receive unlimited shipments of clothing and accessories you can rent for one monthly fee! Their team takes care of EVERYTHING so that you never have an “I have nothing to wear” moment ever again.

As a Type-A control freak, I was hesitant to let someone else style me and end up with a surprise box of clothing that I hated. But, when you sign up, you will fill out a style quiz about:


  • Categories that showcase your style best.
  • Colors you prefer to wear and colors you avoid (hello, red!!).
  • Shades you wear, such as brights, pastels, or neutrals.
  • Types of jewelry that you like wearing and metal colors.
  • Any prints that you like, such as animal (yes!) or florals.
  • Dress lengths so you don’t end up with #alltheminiskirts.
  • A ton of questions about your sizing preferences.
  • You can even share a Pinterest style board if you save outfit ideas!


Clothing Rental Ms. Collection Review | Style Quiz


The quiz is comprehensive, and after answering all of the questions, I felt like I was in good hands. I clicked submit, received an email from my stylist introducing herself, and then received an email confirmation two days later that my box had shipped! I received my box two days after that, yay for fast service!! But in all honesty, I do expect the service to be fast since I’d want to get more than one box during the month.


I immediately unpacked my box and here is what I received from my stylist:

  • Maggy London Dress SRP $128 | Option to purchase for $102
  • 1. State Top SRP $69 | Option to purchase for $55
  • Velvet Heart Pants SRP $70 | Option to purchase for $56
  • Bobeau Dress SRP $78 | Option to purchase for $62

Total Retail Price $345


See what I mean? Clothing is expensive. By renting for $50/month, I can take the $300 that I would have spent and put it towards student loans, OR maybe after a year, put it towards a nice vacation to Bermuda.

Bermuda Elbow Beach


Items I Loved

I LOVED the Velvet Heart Pants & 1. State Top together. It’s still 70’s & 80’s in NH (welcome to NH Summer), so jeans & a top are still a worthy summer uniform for me. I don’t own any light colored jeans, so it was fun trying a new wash. The white top was beautiful in person. Everything fit perfectly, too! I paired the top and jeans with two staples from my closet: Kendra Scott Necklace & Tory Burch Sandals.

Clothing Rental Ms. Collection Review 6Clothing Rental Ms. Collection Review 6  Clothing Rental Ms. Collection Review 6 Clothing Rental Ms. Collection Review 6

Other Options

For a chilly night, I threw on the kimono from my Summer Box of Style to give it some contrast and add a pattern.


I will be wearing the Maggy London dress in Miami this weekend, so photos of that dress to come next week! It’s a gorgeous one shoulder dress in cobalt blue with a big ruffle! I can’t wait to wear that dress.


Items I Didn’t Love

I loved everything except the Bobeau dress. It’s cute and trendy, but not my style. And at the end of the day, I ended up with $267 worth of clothing that I could mix and match with pieces in my closet. But just in case someone did like this dress, I wanted to share how I’d style it in with pieces in my closet and from my Summer Box of Style.

Clothing Rental Ms. Collection Bobeau DressClothing Rental Ms. Collection Bobeau Dress


Final Verdict

I love renting my clothing, and I think that The Ms. Collection offers beautiful pieces for a $49/month or $59/month price point. It’s completely different from RTR because you also receive a personal stylist as part of the service. The brands they carry aren’t as high-end, but they aren’t from Forever 21 either. They carry good quality, mid-priced brands. I love this service and would recommend it to anyone who needs help putting together outfits or doesn’t like spending hundreds of dollars on clothing each month. Bonus Tip: you could also style your man with The Mr. Collection, too! That would be an awesome birthday gift for a guy who might need some help in the fashion dept. 😉