Easy and Affordable Gallery Wall for Large Blank Walls

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share an affordable and chic gallery wall for any large blank walls that you have in your home. I am pretty minimal when it comes to wall décor, so this wall in our living room was blank for the first year that we lived in our home. But after a while, it started to feel too empty and it didn’t look like a home. So, I went on Pinterest to get some ideas for art, photos, and mirror placement. Our living room has more of a modern/contemporary feel, and I wanted to tie the wall décor to the black marble table that we have in the room. When I saw this photo from Restoration Hardware, I knew that I needed to recreate this wall gallery for our living room!

I did a ton of research for mirrors (they can get SO pricey!!) and ended up finding a total gem. It’s an oversized round black mirror by Umbra – it actually has a black rubber frame, which is an unexpected detail that I really like. It’s also super easy to hang on the wall and I recently sourced it for a home staging project that I did for a client. This mirror would also be great in a bathroom above the vanity! I used the smaller grey version in the Day Dreamer flip house that I did in downtown Cary earlier this year. So if you couldn’t tell, I love this mirror in all of its colors and sizes – and I also love the price tag. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this mirror.

So once I found the mirror, I then researched photo frames and photoshopped them onto my wall so I could see scale and size (see middle photo below). I ended up using four 5×7 frames from Target and printed black and white photos from our 2017 Europe trip. I love this gallery wall because it’s so simple, yet makes a statement in the room.

We also changed out the too-small light fixture and repainted the whole house. I strongly dislike Agreeable Gray because it’s very beige, so we went with a light blue/grey/white called Rhinestone. It’s stunning and I love this color.

Pro tip: it drives me crazy when photos are crooked, so in addition to hanging the frames on wall hooks, I also used Velcro command strips to secure them to the wall. I cut the strip in half, place it on the back of the frame, use a level to make sure the frame is straight, and then press it against the wall so that it’s picture perfect at all times! You can also use the strips to hang your photos without wall hooks – sometimes measuring everything out with the wall hooks is a total pain in the butt, so that’s a great easy button option.



In a few weeks I’m going to share another gallery wall that I’m working on in our bedroom sitting room. We are celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary at the beach and doing a sunset beach photoshoot, so I wanted to showcase these photos, our wedding photos, and other photos from over the years in a beautiful gallery in our bedroom. I also share how I created this look using inexpensive Target frames (vs. the expensive version you see all over Instagram).