Gynecological Cancer: What You Need To Know NOW

Hey Lovely! I am SO happy that there is a ton of awareness around breast cancer in October and prostate cancer in November, but one cancer that doesn’t get enough attention? Gynecological Cancer.

September is gynecological cancer awareness month and my mission is to help spread awareness about a type of cancer that is to often overlooked in the media.

I’m also hosting a fundraiser to donate money to the Foundation For Women’s Cancer (details at the end of of this post).

Annie Johnson Marchetta

Gynecological cancer is what took my Mom’s life 14 short years ago at the young age of 45.

Recently, my close friend’s Mom was diagnosed with gynecological cancer too.

Her and I spent a long time talking about the awareness issue around the disease and she introduced me to a group of doctors whose mission is to bring awareness to gynocoligal cancer through community and music.

These 6 gynecological surgeons are part of a band, called N.E.D. The doctors are uniting women through music while bringing awareness and education to the disease. This is pretty bad ass if you ask me. Watch their teaser video below and I dare you not to tear up.

Here are the basics about gynecological cancers (source):

What are gynecologic cancers?

“Gynecologic cancers are the uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells originating in the female reproductive organs, including the cervix, ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, vagina and vulva.”

Who is at risk?

“Every woman is at risk for developing a gynecologic cancer. It is estimated that there will be about 80,000 new cases diagnosed and approximately 28,000 deaths from gynecologic cancers in the United States each year.”

What causes gynecologic cancers?

“There are many factors that cause gynecologic cancers. Medical research has discovered that some classes of genes, called oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, promote the growth of cancer. The abnormal function of these genes can be acquired (e.g., through smoking, aging, environmental influences) or inherited. Almost all cervical cancers and some cancers of the vagina and vulva are caused by a virus known as HPV, or Human Papillomavirus.”

What can I do to protect myself and my my loved ones?

  • “Learn to self examine: Regular self examinations offer the best chance at the detection of certain types of gynecologic cancers in their earliest stages, when successful treatment is most possible.
  • Get screened: Annual visits with a gynecologist are recommended for all women who are sexually active or 18 years and older.
  • Vaccinate your children: HPV Vaccinations are available and are highly effective in preventing HPV infections in select individuals, which can prevent cervical and other types of gynecologic cancer. Ask your doctor if the HPV vaccine makes sense for you.
  • Live healthy: Maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices can play a significant role in the prevention of cancer.
  • Get tested: If there is a history of cancer in your family, speak to your doctor to see if there are tests available that can detect genes increasing your risk of cancer.”

What can I do to save lives and help spread the word?

  1. Join the Lovely Girl VIP Facebook Group & shop for a cause. I’ll be having a C+I sample sale, selling clothing and shoes from my Poshmark Closet along with new pieces from the C+I Fall collection. I’ll donate 50% of all proceeds to the Foundation For Women’s Cancer.
  2. Help spread the word by sharing this post.
  3. Share N.E.D.‘s music and information with friends. Knowledge = Prevention.
  4. Make a donation at http://www.foundationforwomenscancer.org/ways-to-give/

Thank you so much to all of my Lovely Girls for helping me spread the word about gynecological cancer! xo Annie

Chloe and Isabel