Home Interior Design Inspiration: My Swipe Files

Today, my team and I were putting together a blog post for Style Collective talking about retail/e-commerce trends, content ideas and what to plan for the month of August. While researching trends, I learned that new home purchases are driving a huge portion of economic growth in the U.S., which reminded me that I need to stay on top of my own blog and share what I’m doing behind the scenes with our new home. I already shared my creative process here, so today I am going to share my home interior design inspiration aka my swipe files that I referenced while designing the interior of our home back in March!


The photo below was a huge inspiration for us and we chose white cabinets, an espresso island for some contrast, quartz countertops that mimic marble, marble subway tile, and dark espresso flooring. All of the walls in our home will be painted light gray and the first and second floors will be espresso hardwood, while the finished loft will be gray carpeting.

Home Design Sneak Peek


We will have a powder room downstairs and three full baths upstairs in our new home. I kept the three full baths pretty similar in style so that everything would be cohesive. The master bath will have marble flooring, white vanity cabinets, and quartz counters that mimic marble. The second photo below is from a similar home constructed by our builder to show the shower and master bath style, except our layout will be slightly different. The hall bath will have an octagon dot tile on the floor (as shown in the third photo) which I am so excited about, white vanity cabinets, and white subway tile in the shower. The guest bedroom will have its own full bath, which will have marble floors, white vanity cabinets, and white subway tile in the shower. On a side note, our laundry room will also have octagon dot tile with white cabinets above the washer and dryer. 🙂

Last, but not least

Here is the floor plan of our new home! It is 4,000 square feet, BUT before you gawk at the size of our home for just two people, you have to remember that Mike and I both work from home and we will have family visiting from out of state during the year! And just to get this out of the way, we don’t plan on having kids in the next 5 years either. 🙂 We move out of our current home on July 31 and then we are Raleigh bound! We will be air bnb’ing around until Oct/Nov when our home is ready. Very excited for our new home and it will be well worth the wait! If you remember, my mantra for 2017 is patience.

Carey - Main Level Carey - Upper Level

Stanley Martin Carey Floor Plan