Home Makeover: Houzz Kitchen Renovation Feature

Houzz wrote an editorial on my kitchen. Let me repeat that. Houzz sent out a newsletter featuring my kitchen renovation!


How did this all happen?

Welp, I was home for MLK Day browsing Houzz, per usual and saw this article about an $11K kitchen renovation. I checked out the pics and thought it was pretty good, but thought to myself, I wonder how much ours ended up costing in the end. We did so many rooms all at the same time that I didn’t know the cost of just the kitchen alone.

So, I broke out all the paperwork, my calculator, and started number crunching. $8700, this can’t be right. Begin process again. Still $8700. Wow.

Next, I cleaned up the house like a mad woman and began snapping photos and telling my appliances to smize. I uploaded the pics, posted the costs and held my breath as I hit upload.

Then a few days later the impossible happened: Mitchell from Houzz contacted me about writing an editorial. I saw the email pop up while I was at work and nearly fell out of my chair.

I immediately replied and set up a conference call to discuss all the juicy deets with laid back Mitchell all the way in San Diego. We ended up chatting for about an hour.

Fast forward to February 3rd and the article has been written, posted, email blasted, and loved to pieces by Houzz members:


Making things beautiful is my creative outlet and I wanted to create a sparkly yet traditional space where I could make my french press coffee every morning. Just like with fashion, you can mix and match high and low pieces to create an outstanding look. Decor was purchased anywhere from Pottery Barn to Home Goods; wall art was mixed between Target and Etsy; furniture came from Ashley Home Furniture or all the way from Sicily, Italy.

So tell me, what’s your creative outlet? And have you ever had an article written about something that you did that you were proud of?