How to Turn Around a Bad Day

Hey guys! So I was having a horrible day this past week, and Annie told me to listen to this podcast by Joel Osteen, to shift my perspective and turn around a bad day. I’ve never listened to a minister’s podcast before, but it was really a revelation and brought so much clarity, the episode is called Nothing is Wasted

This podcast talks about how when you are trying to grow flowers you use fertilizer. Fertilizer’s main ingredient is mulch, which contains really stinky manure. For days you can’t even walk outside because of the smell, but eventually the flowers grow and bloom from the nutrients the stinky fertilizer gave it.

How To Turn Around a Bad Day inspired by Joel Osteen

The stinky stuff: someone is giving you a hard time, trying to bring you down, raining on your day, or your health goes south, you lose someone close. Use these key takeaways to turn around your bad day:

  • Without the “stinky stuff” you could never grow to reach your full potential or achieve your destiny, it is helping you grow
  • Be encouraged, if you’ve been through a lot of “stinky stuff” that means you are being prepared for where you couldn’t have otherwise gone on your own

“You are strengthened through bad times, not good”

  • With the mindset: “I am in it to win it”, you will not let stinky stuff ruin your dreams or your destiny, it is getting you prepared for new levels

“Don’t be a victim, be a victor”

Just remember, whatever is bringing you down can be viewed as preparing you for something greater in your life. Without having experienced the “stinky stuff” you couldn’t have learned to be brave, courageous, passionate, etc. Next time you’re having a bad day, turn it all around and shift your perspective.

I hope this helps you guys like it did for me. What “stinky stuff” has happened to you that later on, you realized was a blessing?

xoxo Catherine