Interview Tips: Company Culture

How many times have you spent a ton of time preparing for an interview and then you get to the end and they say “do you have any questions for us?”

This one gets me every time. I came across this article from Refinery29 that captured SO many good culture questions all in once space and I thought to myself, this is too good to not share.

Presenting, culture questions to ask at the end of an interview:

  1. What’s the difference between a good employee in this role and a fantastic one?
  2. Wha’s the process for on-boarding employees, and how do you handle beginner mistakes?
  3. What are some ways the company focuses on team development?
  4. What do you love about working here – and what do you dislike?
  5. What would your employees say are the top 3 reasons they love working for you?
  6. How does this position support the company mission goal and projected success?

Jot these down on a little cheat sheet and rock that interview sister!

xo Annie