Discovering Your Leadership: Dr. Barnett talks values, internal and external motivations, vulnerability, and “true north.”

I normally reserve podcast talk for the SC show notes, but I am SO, SO excited about today’s guest, Dr. Carole Barnett, who was my leadership professor during the MBA program. Dr. Barnett is one of my mentors, and she helped me realize that I wanted to be an authentic leader for others. She ignited a fire within me to seek and create change. I wasn’t able to shift the culture of the organization that I was working at through informal leadership, so I had to make a bold move and become fearless. I left my corporate job in November of 2015 to build Style Collective from the ground up. Dr. Barnett gave me the tools for my toolbox so that I could become an authentic leader for thousands of other women. I am so excited that on the podcast she is sharing the very framework that she teaches for MBA students and in Executive Leadership seminars.

On this episode of the Becoming Fearless podcast (with a bonus worksheet download!) we meet Dr. Barnett – an Associate Professor of Management at UNH and, arguably, one of the reasons Style Collective exists. Dr. Barnett’s course on leadership inspired Annie to reevaluate her passions and take her first steps toward becoming fearless. This week, Dr. Barnett brings us through some of the key concepts of her transformative leadership course. Join Annie and Dr. Barnett as they discuss becoming self-aware, discovering your values, paying it forward, and following your “true north.”


Becoming Fearless Episode 11: Show Notes

  • On “True North,” by Bill George, and using his framework to find authenticity.
  • On how to find your true purpose and passion by looking at your history.
  • How being sure of who you are allows you to create enduring relationships.
  • On authentic leadership and the “true north compass.”
  • How to stop wearing a “costume” and become more self-aware.
  • On discovering and knowing your values.
  • On external and internal motivations.
  • On fearing vulnerability, and having someone to turn to.
  • On the importance of integrating all aspects of your life.
  • How to know what steps you need to take to make a change.
  • A little bit of Dr. Barnett’s story.
  • On paying it forward and having a positive impact.
  • What does “becoming fearless” mean to Dr. Barnett?
  • BONUS: download the leadership worksheets.
  • Buy the Book: True North by Bill George.

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