Learning to Positively Influence How Women Treat Each Other

Hi! How’s the week going so far? I’m back from California and right now it’s a blizzard outside. Going from 60-degree weather to single digits was a real struggle. Also, the time difference combined with day light savings time was another doozy. But, we’re home this week, catching up on work, and then heading back to Raleigh this weekend through Tuesday to pick out all of the details for our new home! I’ve been envisioning all of the tile, flooring, lighting and colors in my head for the last two weeks and I can’t wait to create something beautiful (like when we renovated our townhouse). I was a product developer in my previous career, so I really love using my creative side when the opportunity presents itself!

Learning to Positively Influence How Women Treat Each Other

glitter guide

Last Wednesday was International Women’s Day and to celebrate, I wrote a piece for Glitter Guide about Learning to Positively Influence How Women Treat Each Other. I talk about how I managed to turn a sour lemon (aka an office bully!) into my life’s work as an advocate for women everywhere. I’m sharing my active guidance on establishing yourself as a positive influence among the women around you!


Women in Business Conference

Also, at the end of the month, I’m going to be speaking at my first conference! I’m very excited to be back at UNH, where I graduated with my MBA three years ago – yay! If you’re local, I’d love for you to attend. I’m also going to livestream the panel from my Facebook page, so like the page and save the date!

Women In Business Conference

2nd annual Women in Business Conference

Location: UNH

Date: Friday, March 31st, 2017

Time: 10:10-11:00am EST

Panel: Emerging Industry Panel

The goal of the conference is to bring students, alumni, and other business leaders together to address important topics and issues that women face in the workforce. This conference will also offer students personal and professional development, including strategies for successful leadership, and career growth. A series of keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops will provide opportunities for attendees to engage with accomplished business leaders and alumni.

What’s going on for you this month? Any fun plans? Doing anything to celebrate the boss babes in your life?? Love hearing your plans! xo