Martin Luther King



{cc: Simon Sinek}

Martin Luther King had the amazing ability to connect people from all over the country who also believed that one day they could all live in a world without discrimination. When MLK spoke publically, people came from all over the country to stand in the hot sun or snowy winter to hear him speak. How was he able to draw such large crowds of people from near and far?

The people didn’t go for him; they went for themselves because they believed what he believed. Martin Luther King had the uncanny ability to communicate the vision of those who also believed that it was time for change. He didn’t tell people what to do, he didn’t dictate or bark orders, but instead he declared “I have a dream” which was the same dream as everyone else. Martin Luther King inspired action and that my friends is why we honor him and his leadership today.

Happy Martin Luther King Day. Inspire someone today and everyday.

xo Annie