Microblading Review: Is it worth it?

Hey friends! I am back on the blog to talk about microblading with all of you today. This is a beauty trend that I have been interested in doing, but have been scared to actually do because 1. it’s an investment and 2. I didn’t want to end up with thick brows that I hated. I have a small face with small features, so I know that I can’t rock a bold, thick brow. I partnered with Naomi from Inkology for today’s post to share everything 101 about microblading, a short Q&A from some of my amazing followers/girlfriends, and my microblading vlog! Naomi started following me on Instagram and after stalking her work, I decided to reach out about working together. We set up a consult call where she explained for 45 minutes her process, why all microblading isn’t the same, and how her work has helped cancer patients feel confident by giving them brows again. Guys – I almost lost it on the phone when she told me this because I remember when I was 16 years old and a “cancer glam squad” came to our house, gave my Mom a brand new real-hair wig, a complete makeover, and all new makeup to keep and use for herself. I will never forget how beautiful she felt after everyone left, which is why I donated my hair to locks of love when I was 18 years old. But anyway – onto the videos and before & after photos!

Microblading 101 and Q&A

0:00-6:54: Microblading 101: what you need to know
6:54-8:00: How painful is microblading?
8:00-10:50: Can you change the shape later?
11:10-13:40: Can you do microblading if your skin keloids?

Microblading Vlog


I absolutely love my new brows and I couldn’t be happier with my results!! The procedure didn’t really hurt at all, even without numbing cream. It just felt like someone was plucking my eyebrows for an hour or two. My only regret is not doing this procedure sooner!! When I got home, Mike looked at my brows and said to me: how is it possible that you’re even more beautiful?

It’s incredible to think that something so small can make such a big difference in your confidence and your appearance. If you are local to RDU, book a consultation with Naomi from Inkology and get $100 off your procedure through Oct 31, 2018 if you mention my name. I know that you will love Naomi and your results. Please email, DM, or comment below if you get this done – I’d love to see your results!


Before and After: