Modern Farmhouse Master Bathroom Renovation

Hey friends! I am so excited to share today’s master bathroom renovation in partnership with Wayfair. You guys know that I love sourcing from them because they are affordable, have super cute items, and fast shipping. If you’re a business owner, I would definitely recommend that you sign up for their business account to get discounted pricing on tons of items.


When I first saw this bathroom at my client’s home, I was equally confused and horrified. First of all, there was carpet in the bathroom. Second, the vanity was teeny tiny and very awkward. I had a hard time envisioning how to rearrange the bathroom without moving too much plumbing around, but after thinking about it for about 2 weeks and brainstorming many different layouts on paper, it finally came to me: I could leave the toilet and shower where they were, but move the vanity to the nook between the shower and the window. There was back and forth if the owner wanted to keep the tub or do a standup shower, so this added to my confusion. But ultimately, we ended up keeping the original tile floor (which was hiding under that carpet) and preserving the original cast iron tub.

The Design Process

During the design process, I always ask my clients to send me their Pinterest and Houzz boards. I can immediately pick up my client’s styles from viewing their photos, and I have pretty good intuition in reading pictures. I pride myself on being able to create designs that need minimal tweaking after the initial presentation, which makes me feel good about my job! It helps me know that I am on the right path.

The theme of the bathroom is modern farmhouse, meaning a lot of contrasting colors combined with classic, farm, or industrial elements. I wanted to use inexpensive materials that could be installed in unique patterns, such as the tile in the master shower. I also love sourcing vanities from Lowe’s, you can get a real stone countertop for a lot less than I’ve seen anywhere else! We also decided to add beadboard to break up some of the dark wall paint and add contrast. I chose a more modern style toilet to replace the old one and satin nickel finishes for all of the hardware. I love the light fixture because it brings an element of masculinity to the bathroom. Overall, everything works together so well and balances all of the different styles to create a cohesive space.


Before we started demo, I ordered all of my items from Wayfair and Lowe’s. Everything arrived at her home, I unpacked everything, checked it out, and discussed the install with the general contractor. When he started ripping everything out, that is when the fun really started. I love seeing everything come together little by little and thoroughly enjoying the process of interior design. It is very satisfying to revive a space that already has so much history and memories – and to bring it to life again.

As I visited each week, I saw all of my elements installed, and it all came together so beautifully!

The Final Product

The traditional vanity in a modern color, the contemporary style faucet and mirror, and industrial lights combined with stylish bathroom accessories are just a dream to look at.

The tile in the shower came out even better than I had imagined; the black grout really makes the white tile pop and the modern shower hardware just ties it all together with the curved shower rod.

I decided to add a towel rack above the toilet so that my client had even more storage in the bathroom. I love how it turned out!

When the bathroom was complete, I also ordered décor and accessories from Wayfair so that I could stage the photos and really show the bathroom in it’s true beauty. Again, I love Wayfair for its unique items, affordability, easy shopping, and fast shipping. The real marble dispenser and tissue box went perfectly with her marble countertops. And the green plant added the perfect pop of color against the beadboard. I chose this diffuser because the sticks were black and went with our contrasting colors theme. The diffuser also smells incredible! I also picked up some white towels to finish off the space.

Video Tour

Final Thoughts

This was A LOT of work, but it turned out gorgeous – my client is thrilled with her new master bathroom. I honestly have to say that for my next big project like this, I will need to hire a VA to help me source all of the items. When you are ordering 100+ items for a home, there are always issues that come up: incorrect items were sent, it was damaged, we don’t like it and need to return it, etc. But out of all the places that I ordered items from, I didn’t have a single issue with anything that came from Wayfair! So, I will continue to source items from them for future projects!

Thank you Wayfair for sponsoring this post, all items marked with an asterisk were sponsored. All opinions are my own and I genuinely love ordering from them.