Finding your motivation and passion

We all read blogs and follow Instagram accounts to motivate us to change something about ourselves that we wish were different. If I buy that outfit, I will feel fabulous; if I eat a little cleaner then I’d have those abs; the list goes on and on and we’re ALL guilty of it.

But what about looking to YOURSELF for some motivation?

Hang tight because I’m going to walk you through it.

Let’s start with your favorite celeb. Why is this celeb your fave? Maybe you like their music, movies, or books. But think again – most likely you are connected to this person on an emotional level. Let’s look at 2 of my fave celebs for example:

Christina Aguilera, an amazing and talented singer who escaped an abusive family life by finding peace through singing and later on, writing music about it.

Jillian Michaels overcame being overweight at a young age and wanted help others become physically fit to help transcend them in every facet of their life.

Both Xtina & Jillian share something unique: a story that they have told time and time again as their motivation to make an impact on the world. They weren’t victims of their pasts, but instead they reframed their life events to rise above the challenges.

I mean think about it; practically every celeb has a true E Hollywood story about how they went through struggles and overcame them to become successful. They didn’t throw a pity party and call it a day.

So now is your time to write your own true E Hollywood story. Dig deep and think about YOUR story as motivation to achieve your goals.

Your story is what makes you unique from the 100s of resumes going across someone’s desk.

Your story is what will make you stand out in the sea of bloggers.

Your story creates VALUE that no one else has.

Start with these questions and then come back next week to find out what to do with all your super personal info!

  1. Grab a piece of paper
  2. Make a timeline starting from when you were born to present day
  3. For each negative event in your life, mark an X below the line and jot down your experience in a few words. i.e. has there been a time in your life when you felt like a victim? What did you learn from this?
  4. For each positive event in your life, mark an X above the line and jot down your experience a few words. i.e. think about which people had the greatest impact on you growing up & what you admired about this person

After you are done, then watch this! See you next week.

-Annie xx