How to overcome comparison and learn compassion for others

I often times find myself referencing the book “True North” by Bill George to remind of my journey to authentic leadership. Depending on what I am experiencing, I find myself re-reading chapters and stories of others in order to do the internal work that I need to do in order to show up as a values driven authentic leader. I try my best to show up every day and lead with heart, but sometimes it’s easy to be derailed, especially with the pressure of social media at the forefront of everything that I do. I thought about the pressures of social media a lot when I was asked to speak about it last month at StyleCon to an audience of 1,200 people. How can we stop comparison and negative self-talk in a world of curated images and perfect feeds?


One word: compassion.


Compassion for yourself and compassion for others is all part of becoming a mindful leader.


“When we are self-aware, we can develop compassion for ourselves and the challenges we have faced in navigating life’s difficulties. Only through self-compassion can we have genuine empathy for others and the difficulties they have faced. Respecting others’ experiences requires you to love yourself unconditionally first.” – True North


How can we be more compassionate?


  1. It starts with you; love yourself, your flaws, the life that you have and be grateful for the little things in your life.


  1. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. What are they not showing on their feed? Remember, that only the highlights are celebrated on social media.


  1. Show respect. Respect for others’ experiences and respect for yourself. Even if that person is trying to be flashy, respect them for who they are and work on developing yourself into the person that you want to be, not the person that someone else wants to be or is trying to portray on social media.


I practice these three things when looking at my social media feeds and it has helped me learn to love my life, my work, and stay true to my values as an authentic leader.


TUNE IN: I talk about this during a short conversation on The Becoming Fearless Podcast and I’d love for you to download the episode and give it a quick listen.