IT’S A PARTY: $1500 of prizes, girly phone cases & being your own #GIRLBOSS!

Wow.. so a lot going on this week!! It’s a huge virtual PARTY celebrating SO SO many things!

First of all, SC reached 500 members almost 2 weeks ago so I planned a HUGE giveaway for my girls. I am so so grateful for their support and it was SO important to give back because they are f’ing amazing, badass #GIRLBOSSES who deserve it. 100%.


IT'S A PARTY: $1500 of prizes, girly phone cases & being your own #GIRLBOSS!

Second, I launched my first product, which I am dying over. I was a product developer for many years at my corporate job. Once you are bitten by the PD bug, it NEVER goes away. I am a product lover and for my very first collection, I went with phone cases because DUH it’s the perfect accessory. Also giving 10% to the women’s cancer foundation in memory of my Mom.


IT'S A PARTY: $1500 of prizes, girly phone cases & being your own #GIRLBOSS!

Third… I was interviewed on my friend Krista’s podcast Almost 30! In a few short weeks her & Lindsey have already had 20,000 downloads !!!! So I am really beyond excited to be talking about:

  • How you can use your challenges to find your passion & purpose.
  • How I overcame bullying in the workplace (and what exactly was done to me! Yikes).
  • Trends with millennials, what we like, don’t like and what to do about it.
  • What bloggers can do to overcome the NO BUDGET issue with brands.
  • How to overcome the comparison game (this is no joke!).
  • And why you NEED a jar of awesome.


Catherine already listened and her favorite part was:

My favorite part is how the interview inspires people to take something negative they’ve experienced in their life and transform it into an opportunity by shifting their perspective and discovering a new passion or way to connect with others.

If you listen to the episode, make sure to comment with your favorite part here and we’ll feature you in the SC email.

Hope that everyone has an amazing weekend and I will see you next week with some holiday inspired outfits from two of my favorite brands. 🙂 Chat soon! XO