Redken Hair Products You Need For a Long Lasting Blowout

When I was in high school, I used to have hair & makeup dates with my friends. They would come to my parent’s house before they had a date with their boyfriend, and I’d do their hair and makeup for them. I’ll never forget when I gave my friend Holly a Marilyn Monroe look with gorgeous red lips, sultry eye makeup, and curls for her short hair. I was also the hair & makeup pro for my little sister before all of her proms and the holidays. I remember one time on Christmas Day, I walked into her room and her eyes were welling up with tears before we had to leave for my Grammy’s house. I asked her “What’s wrong?” and she said that she hated her hair and makeup. I quickly took the curling iron from her vanity and gave her big loose curls, and grabbed the makeup brushes and eye pallets to spruce up the makeup base she had already created.


Today, I constantly get messages and comments on social media about my hair and makeup. I’ve considered freelancing or starting a YouTube channel, but while it’s a passion of mine, it’s not as much of a passion as running a business and being someone who inspires action in my generation. BUT – I will spill some of my best-kept hair secrets and I am extremely thrilled to share that I’m partnering with Redken for today’s blog post. They sent me a plethora of hair goodies to try right before my trip to Europe, and let me tell you – I cannot WAIT to add these all to my regular routine. These products gave me the PERFECT blowout that lasted for TEN DAYS. Yes, that is a new record for me and my dirty hair. I am a long time fan of Redken and have been using their All Soft shampoo and conditioner for 17 years! Back when I was in HS and on the diving team, it was the only thing that helped my dry and brittle hair combat the daily chlorine from the pool. When I dove competitively in college from August – Feb, it was still my go-to for my long hair. I absolutely love Redken and it is pretty much the only thing that I use in my hair, so I’ve linked everything that I used to achieve the look below AND have it last for TEN DAYS. Let me know if you use any of these products!

Redken Must Have's