Time Management Tips For Girl Bosses, Part 2

Hi Lovely! As an entrepreneur I find that there are SO many ups and downs with being your own boss. I was feeling super overwhelmed and I really wanted to chat with other women about the struggle – so I asked other Lovely Girl Bosses on Instagram what they struggle with the most and the number one answer was: time management. How do you balance full time work, building a business (or blog), being a Mom, managing the household and a million other obligations? I don’t have all the answers, but I can share what has been working for me while building Style Collective.

Time Management Tips For Girl Bosses, Part 2

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Time Management Tips - take a break

4, Set Goals and Create a List: every week I write down my goals for the week and how I’m going to achieve them. I live and die for lists – there is something SO GOOD about being able to cross something off a list when it’s complete. I love looking at my planner at the end of the week and seeing all of the things I’ve accomplished.

5, Prioritize and Be Realistic: there are a million ways that I could overextend myself by trying to tackle ALL of the low hanging fruit. I like to prioritize and focus solely on the tasks that will move my business forward.

For example: finalizing my privacy policy and getting an SSL certificate for Style Collective has been my #1 task for the last two weeks since my payment processer has been holding all of my funds until these deliverables are completed. My business credit card bill is due in 3 days, so that needs to get done before I work on anything else. Posting to Instagram can wait.

Time Management Tips: Posting to Instagram can wait!Time Management Tips For Girl Bosses

6, Time Block Your Schedule: once I have my to-do list for the week – it is GO TIME. I put in my headphones, turn off email and notifications and get to work. My day varies, but this is a pretty typical schedule:

  • Morning: quick and effective workout via Courtney, breakfast, coffee & spending time with my hubby.
  • Mid-Morning: I spend about an hour-ish replying to emails, posting to both TLG and SC’s social media accounts, replying to comments and checking into SC DM’s.
  • Afternoon: I use this time to tackle my written to-do list: developing content for SC (like yesterday afternoon I wrote a 25 page e-course!), phone calls/meetings, following up on projects, marketing/strategy planning, membership growth, etc.
  • Evening: I get back on email and reply to clients, tech teams, etc. I get about 50-100 emails a day so I could easily spend my entire day in my inbox. I really try to block time in the morning and evening to tackle my inbox.
  • Post-Dinner: I try to use this time for reading, self-development, business planning with my hubby or finishing up any final tasks that I wasn’t able to complete during the afternoon. I also post to TLG and SC’s social accounts one more time before going to bed. I check in with SC DM groups to see if there are any issues that I may have missed.

Time Management Tips for girl bosses

7, Ask For Help: when it seems like you have an endless to-do list, ask for help. Seriously. My husband has helped me with so many things: migrating Style Collective to new servers, setting up appointments with a legal team to help me with contracts, trademarks, copyrights and patents, researching tech team help and virtual assistants to help ease my work load, to name a few.

I also rely on other SC ladies to help me write emails, run our Facebook group, pitch partnerships or help me brainstorm ideas. My Mom always used to say: it takes a village. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Time Management Tips: go on a date

8, Get Dolled Up & Go On a Date: it’s easy to be a workaholic and a perfectionist – but you need to schedule time for a break! Take a time out to wash your hair, paint your nails, do your makeup, put on a pretty dress and go do something fun! Last weekend I took a break and grabbed lunch by the pier with the hubby. I wore this pretty dress from The Sweetest Stitch and felt SO relaxed as we ate delicious seafood, sipped on lemon water and took in the gorgeous view.

Time Management Tips - take a break and have fun!Time Management Tips - take a break and have fun!  Time Management Tips Time Management Tips - take a break Time Management Tips for Girl Bosses

Dress: Sweetest Stitch Crazy About Coral Dress – use code “STYLECOLLECTIVE” for 10% off your order!
Shoes (c/o): M. Gemi Attorno – use my link for $40 off your purchase!
Bag (c/o): Dagne Dover 13″ Tote in bleaker blush
Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel

What did you think of these time management tips? These really help me organize my schedule so I can use my mental energy to focus on Style Collective and moving it forward. Do you use any of these techniques?

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