Travel Outfits: How to be Stylish and Comfortable

Hi loves! Next week I am traveling to Ocho Rios, Jamaica for a destination wedding and I am so excited because I haven’t been on a tropical vacation since my honeymoon in 2009. It has been a while since I’ve traveled, so this prompted me to think about my travel outfits. What could I wear to the airport that was stylish and comfortable? And that I could somehow un-layer when I arrived in 85-degree weather?

<img data-p3-pin-title="Travel Outfits: How to be Stylish and Comfortable" data-p3-pin-link="https://www.anniespano.com/travel-outfits-how-to-be-stylish-and-comfortable/" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-3136" src="http://collectivepassions.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/travel-outfits-airport-boots-tunic-leggings-3.jpg" alt="airport travel outfit | leggings, tunic, boots, scarf, backpack | collectivepassions visit this web-site.com” width=”1200″ height=”901″ / data-imagelightbox=”g”>airport travel outfit | leggings, tunic, boots, scarf, backpack | collectivepassions.com

Here is what I came up with for my airport outfit:

  • Leggings because I will be walking, sitting, bending, lifting, climbing stairs; I need something that will stretch, look chic, and be warm yet light enough to keep wearing when we land.
  • Riding Boots to keep my feet warm and comfortable. I’ll also need to take these on and off easily for the TSA. I’m planning on stashing flip-flops in my carryon tote.
  • A tunic because, duh tunics are just amazing. I can wear a black cami under it and then take off the tunic when I get to Jamaica.
  • A cute mini backpack to minimize what I have to carry/lug/roll/drag around with me. Obv you don’t need a Louis; this was my Mom’s, which was handed down to Cat and I (more on that here). We share Baby Louis during the year and I just received him at Christmas for my 6-month term, so he’s coming with me to Jamaica.
  • And lastly a cashmere scarf, because I’m always f-ing freezing.

airport travel outfit | leggings, tunic, boots, scarf, backpack | collectivepassions.com

But let’s take a minute to talk about this cute tunic, k?

This color-blocked tunic I’m wearing from A Little Piece Of Joy seriously rivals an $88 Anthropologie Bordeaux tunic that I already own. It’s similar in cut, has some unexpected details on the back that I love, and it’s made of the exact same materials.

Except it’s $28

airport travel outfit | leggings, tunic, boots, scarf, backpack | collectivepassions.com

Unfortunately, my exact tunic is sold out, but there are a few options that are really similar and are also $28. Use my 15% off code ANNIE15, and an Anthropologie quality tunic will cost you less than $24. You can’t beat that!

airport travel outfit | leggings, tunic, boots, scarf, backpack | collectivepassions.comairport travel outfit | leggings, tunic, boots, scarf, backpack | collectivepassions.com airport travel outfit | leggings, tunic, boots, scarf, backpack | collectivepassions.com

Friday Five

In addition to this tunic, I’m also loving these five things:


I was running on the treadmill the other day and heard this during the Pitbull song that was playing and it really stuck with me. Random, but so good.

Quote | everyday above ground is a good day, so I celebrate - Pitbull | collectivepassions.com

Girl Boss

The boutique owner of A Little Peace of Joy, Courtney is a total #girlboss, graduated with her MBA in May, opened up the boutique a little over a year ago, and dreams of making it a retail store one day. During the day she works in Distribution at a Chemical Plant and at night, runs this cute shop where my tunic is from!

Ted Talk

This video really reinforces the concept behind Monday Glow and why paying attention to hunger cues and fueling your body with nutritious food will always win over dieting, which in the end leaves you weighing more than when you started!


Digitally Imported, download their free app and start streaming some kickass music. Here are my fave channels:

  • Ambient if you need some chill music while working
  • Progressive if you want to feel like you are in a hip, relaxed NYC restaurant, sipping a glass of rose and eating some high-end vegan concoction
  • Electro House if you want to rock the F out; these are good gym beats


airport travel | cashmere scarf, a good book, glasses, earrings | collectivepassions.com

What I’ll be reading on the plane

Let’s chat in comments! Are you a tunic lover? What did you end up buying from the boutique? Um can you send me some snaps of you wearing it?? UN: anniespanie

xo Annie