What to Wear to NYFW in September

Packing for NYFW can feel overwhelming, especially if it is your first time attending! What do you wear for your outfit? Shoes? Accessories?! Well, all of this is specific to you and your style, so I can’t tell you exactly what to wear, but I can give you some guidelines and best practices.


Comfy Chic / Street Style

As Caitlin mentioned in this post about how to get invited to NYFW, there will be street photographers taking your photo, so think street style when meeting with brands, attending presentations, or taking some time to hang with the girls. It’s totally on-trend to wear glitzy sneakers with a dress. Sparkle, bling, bright colors, or unique details are highly recommended to make your outfit pop.

What to wear to NYFW in September 1


Dress for the Brand

Once you have confirmed your RSVP’s, take some time to do research on the brand’s aesthetic. If you are attending Katie Gallagher, her brand is dark and edgy, so wear something according to that brand image. You don’t want to show up in Lilly Pulitzer when the vibe is vampy. One time in college I went to go see an emo band with my sister and showed up wearing a bright orange, preppy Hollister shirt – man that was awkward!

For our Style Collective Party, the brand is feminine and the theme is pink, purple, and gold. I’m going to be wearing something feminine and dressy to this event that still represents my personal style and what my readers expect from me. If you can’t get a good sense of the brand, try looking at the event invitation or graphic design for any insights or clues to the brand’s vibe. This can give you some direction for outfit choices. It’s also important to note: don’t go wearing things you wouldn’t usually wear because your followers won’t purchase from your affiliate links. Stay true to your brand and make tweaks to match the occasion of NYFW.

What to wear to NYFW in September 1


Wear Trends and Experiment

With luggage space being limited, I love rental services, such as Rent the Runway (use this link to get $30 off your first rental)! You can order your items and have them shipped to the hotel, which means you might be able to get away with a carry on item on the plane, score! Call the hotel and let them know that they’ll need to hold onto the package for you, don’t assume that they will. Here are some of my favorite trends for Fall 2017:

  • Ruffles & Cold Shoulders
  • The “Blogger Drape” (draping a jacket over your shoulders)
  • Moody Florals
  • Jumpsuits & Rompers
  • Feminine Dresses
  • Statement Tops
  • Embroidery, Lace and Sequins

What to wear to NYFW in September 1

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Think Fall, but Dress for Summer

You might think that Sept in NYC is picture perfect fall with temps in the 60’s, but this is not the case at all! The weather is erratic this time of year and you could have nice 70-80 degree days OR hot, humid, sticky 90 degree days. Pack summer outfits with a fall vibe and if the off chance occurs where it’s cold, you can always layer. Wear or drape a cute bomber jacket, blazer, leather jacket, suede jacket, or cape.

What to wear to NYFW in September 1What to wear to NYFW in September 1


If you are going to a runway show, party, brand meeting, or presentation that gives out swag, they will give you a tote bag to hold said swag. If you want to rock a clutch, do that! You don’t need to bring your own duffle bag or XL tote around the city with you. Your bag is where you can add some flair, so don’t hold back!

What to wear to NYFW in September 1

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You are going to be standing and running around ALL. DAY. LONG. So wear something comfortable and bring heels or wedges that you can change into. Nobody actually walks around NYC in high heels – they all wear sneakers or flats, so carry your shoes with you or keep them in a tote.


In the words of Iris Apfel: “More is more and less is a bore”

Feel free to go crazy because it’s all about the details. Layer it on and have fun!

What to wear to NYFW in September 1


What will you be wearing to NYFW this September? Make sure to check out our NYFW guide (here for members and here for non-members) for more tips about what to pack in your bag, the essentials that you need to bring with you on your trip, plus how to plan out your schedule and make the most of your time in NY! If you’re going to use Rent The Runway, use this link for $30 off your first rental!