What To Do After A Cheat Meal

Hi Lovelies, I am Courtney Bentley creator of Fit and Fabulous where I help women get fit while slaying their business. I am so excited to share with you my tips for what to do after a cheat meal. We’ve all been there so this will help get you back on track after a cheat meal out with friends or while on vacation!

You cheated… you cheated on your meal plan, you fell off the bandwagon and all that hard work, time and dedication just went right out the window last night because you and your girlfriends went out to your favorite Italian restaurant and wine happened then a pizza, some pasta and OMG dessert!

What to do after a cheat meal

Listen, it happens! We are human, we have desires, we want to enjoy our lives and after following guidelines for 4 weeks, we get sick of eating the same things so when the good stuff comes out it really makes us want to go all out!

But listen, one night of indulgences won’t completely derail you, you might feel bloated the next day but guilt should not be an emotion you experience because it was only ONE night! If you enjoyed yourself, the company that surrounded you and the delicious food, then let it go! Let me explain.

How To Prepare For A Cheat Meal:

  1. Cut the Fat: Instead of starving yourself all day for that night out, enjoy your meals as normal but cut down on the fats. When we eat out the food we eat tends to have a lot of fats from the oils and excess butters etc. I will keep my healthy fats down, my veggies high and my protein high the day of my cheat meal and do the same for the next day. If your cheat meal isn’t planned stick to protein, an array of fresh veggies and lots of water to flush out the sodium and help your body digest.
  2. Stick to One Meal: Instead of having that cheat meal and completely throwing in the towel, enjoy it and move on. One meal will NOT derail your goals at all and will probably end up keeping you on track! My rule of thumb for my hardcore girls is to enjoy one meal a week, if they are planning for a big life event I say cheat on your diet every 10-14 days or whenever said weekly goal is met.
  3. Make it the LAST meal of the Day: I find it easier to cheat on my meal plan at night instead of during the day. I have had my frozen yogurt, which is often my cheat meal, in the early part of my day and the rest of my day I crave sugar which is overwhelming! I have pushed this treat until later in the afternoon and it’s perfect because I have a healthy dinner and go to bed happy!

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What To Do After A Cheat Meal:

  1. Get Your Sweat On: Workout the day of your cheat meal and the day after! Yes, wake up the next day have your breakfast and WORK OUT! Sweat out the excess sodium, use that pizza to build your booty and push hard. Not only will these help de bloat you, you will get over last nights indulgences and hop right back on the clean eating wagon! Enjoy quick, effective workouts, check out a free HIIT workout here.
  2. Drink Water with Lemon: The day of and the day after, drink 3-4 liters of water with lemon if you can. I find drinking tons of water helps my body digest the processed foods I will eat or ate the day before. Adding lemon helps your liver and kidneys which will need some aid after a heavy meal. I also feel extra hydrated and drinking that much water helps you stick to your commitment of a healthy life long term.
  3. Follow these tips for de-bloating: this post will give you even more tips and tricks to help you cut down on that bloated feeling.

What to do after a cheat meal

Why You Should Have a Cheat Meal:

Not only does enjoying a cheat meal every so often help you lose fat, it will mentally help you stick to your plan. A proper cheat meal can refill glycogen stores to support hard training, recharge your metabolism which might have plateaued and starve off your bodies ability to eat away at your muscle. When we go on a diet to make changes, our bodies can go into starvation mode. Having a refeed can jumpstart your metabolism right up and mentally keep you on track.

So I wanna know.. what is your go to cheat meal? Do you use any of these tips to get back on track after a decadent meal out? Or maybe a week of traveling? I personally LOVE frozen yogurt for my cheat dessert! xo Courtney

What to do after cheat meal